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architectural carving

To reproduce carved elements, we work from templates and drawings. For detailed pieces, we will come to the site, make a mold of the existing element, and use the resulting plaster model as a guide in carving the stone. We can also create original carvings from photographs, sketches, or archival records.

We enjoy working with architectural ideas of the past, since the dimensions, proportions, and details are aesthetically pleasing and have stood the test of time. See examples of carved pieces, as well as plasteline and plaster models, in Custom Elements and St. Francis Cathedral Gallery.

surfaces and finishes

We focus on producing historically accurate hand-carved and machine finishes, as well as custom finishes specified by architects for commercial and public buildings:
margined, line-tooled, split, pitched, bush-hammered, profiled, and carved, etc.

  • Crandalled and margined finish
  • Tooth-chiseled with margins
  • Drove work (hand batted)
  • Point chiseled
  • Split face and margined
  • Batted finish
  • Hand-broached and margined
  • Tooth chiseled
  • Machine-broached
  • Left, batted 4-line. Right, broached.
  • A 5-line batted finish
  • Broached
  • Wire sawn plain finish
  • Belt sawn finish
  • Wre sawn with pressure washed finish (antiquing)
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